When I came to DC, I had the pleasure of meeting fashion blogger Tarah Saint-Elian of Adorned In Armor. We thought it would be fun to have a couple fashion photo shoots around the city, and our first stop was my personal favorite monument, the Jefferson Memorial.

Not only was this our first time working together, but it was also my first time shooting for fashion.

Like most firsts, I was a little bit intimidated, but open to whatever comes my way. Tarah sent me a couple helpful articles and blog posts about fashion photography techniques, and I found that it was basically like any other assignment.

Here are the three things that are important to have in any photo essay or gallery, and the three things I focused on during the shoot:

1. The Long-Range/Wide-Angle Shots. These shots provide context for stories, and are generally the simplest photos to get. In fashion, long-range and wide-angle shots help show the environment the shoot is taking place in. You’re getting the full body, as well as the atmosphere.


2. Medium-Range Shots. These shots also provide context for stories, but show more detail without leaving out too many subjects. These photos generally include full-body shots, leaving out the background, and allows viewers to notice the artistry of the outfit.

Tarah_JeffersonMemorial09 Tarah_JeffersonMemorial06

3. Detail Shots. My personal favorite. Ugh, I love a good detail shot. Unlike the first two types of photos, detail shots (close-ups) provide CONTENT. These are amazing to have, but they’re easy to forget. If you’re taking photos of a person, just get their hands or a close-up of their face. Get a cool angle, and make subjects uncomfortable with the closeness of your camera (it’s a lot of fun).